college-boundWe are thrilled Carrie Morris has rejoined the BreakThrough Test Prep family! A couple headlines about her proposed value to your student/s. In addition to her expertise in teaching language arts, critical reading/analysis and written language support, Ms. Morris offers extensive grammar and verbal preparation for the SAT and ACT. She is a certified Phono-Graphix instruct, and organizational coach, specializing in learning strategies training. A part of her repertoire includes motivational coaching, training in progressive relaxation techniques/meditation, as well as the administration of several talent and personality inventories, including the MBTI Interpretive Report and the Strong Inventory. As a prior executive search and talent acquisition professional, Ms. Morris is equally passionate about coaching college graduates throughout the phases of their targeted job search process. We encourage you to take full advantage of our new product launches and discounted College Readiness Training programs offered by Carrie Morris.

  • Rock It Reading! Efficient Reading Training: Eight customized, one-on-one sessions will provide your high school or rising college student with the essential tools to improve reading speed/flexibility, critical analysis and comprehension. Areas of focus include but not limited to reading the newspaper, novels, and textbooks, annotating/outlining. The majority of students develop a reading range between 300 wpm – 1200 wpm depending on purpose and content.
  • What’s Your Story? Mastering the College Interview:The interview process is a critical component of your college acceptance and a powerful way to showcase your personality that extends beyond your application. Hone the craft of authentically presenting yourself to the college admissions officer and/or admissions team with proven interviewing techniques, tips on playing to your strengths while avoiding the most common mistakes. We will conclude the 5-week session with role-playing exercises designed to reinforce and ensure your success.
  • Is your College Essay an eye opener or eye closer? Crafting the pitch perfect College Essay.The college essay is your platform to shine! Be thoughtful, bold and tell us something we don’t already know about. The (why) in YOU. In these individualized sessions with Ms. Morris, you will learn not only how to structure your essay but how to convey your personal narrative in a manner that engages from the start.
  • To Thine Own Self Be True: Introduction to The Talent & Personality Type Assessment: Using an established diagnostic tool, the MBTI® College Edition Interpretive Report can help you develop a new or better understanding of how you work and think, allowing you to choose a college major or course load that accurately reflects your personality—ultimately preparing you for a satisfying career in your future. Ms. Morris looks forward to facilitating your introduction to the world’s most widely used personality test!


  • Rock It: Reading Efficient Reading Training with Carrie, 8 hours: $75 discount
  • Mastering the College Interview, 5 hours: $50 discount
  • Crafting the pitch perfect College Essay. What YOU Must Include in Your College Essay Application: 5 hours $50 discount
  • Introduction to Talent & Personality Assessment – no charge. Our gift to your teen! 

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