Best-time-to-take-SATI am always asked, “When is the optimum time for most students to take their first SAT?”  The answer I usually give is January of their junior year. There are exceptions, of course, based on individual levels and schedule; however, January seems to be best for most juniors.

Here are four 4 reasons why students should opt for this January 24th:

#1: Students are comfortably in the ‘groove’ of school. In other words they are well into the thinking/study mindset and certainly have more reading behind their belt.  It’s not the beginning of the year where students are adjusting to being back in school, and not the end of the year where many students tend to ‘check out’ when the weather gets warm.

#2:  Juniors should consider taking their initial SAT in January is since the test is graded on a curve of sorts, the January curve tends to work in students’ favor.  This is because  7th and 8th graders take the SAT in January to compete for the Center for Talented Youth programs offered around the country. Though only the top students are asked to take the SAT for the program, it’s still a challenge for most of those very young test-takers to break 500 – (the qualifying scores in each of the 3 sections.)  NOTE: The standard deviation from one exam to another is typically 30 points – 3 questions.

#3: Students are able to receive a copy of the test booklet in January. (Test booklets are also released for the May and October exams.) Being able to examine the actual questions missed and skipped is very helpful if a student wants to take the exam soon after in March or May.

#4: A Student wants to take the exam again in their junior year, the March or May test would be a viable option.

As I said, there certainly are exceptions to this recommendation.  So . . . how to know what’s best for your teen?  Schedule your complimentary BreakThrough Test Prep Strategy Session and get ultimately get clarity about the test prep/college planning process.

If this sounds like a good option for your junior, now is the time to get started!

Begin with scheduling your complimentary Test Prep Strategy Session where a personalized game plan will be created for your teen. This session will prove to be one of the most valuable meetings you will have for your teen’s future!  I look forward to our connecting! Click here to schedule.


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