portal-WhatTypeofLearnerThere are many types of learners…

Explore below and feel free to contact Harriet for questions regarding testing and learning styles.

The Accelerated Learner

The Accelerated learner is typically a ‘reader’. This student is usually enrolled in AP Language as well as additional AP courses.Typically such students merely need validation and tweaking of the skill sets they have taken for granted but are nevertheless invaluable on standardized tests.

The Hands-On Teen

The Hands-on Teen needs foundation skills. These students require some basic skill building particularly in their critical reading and problem solving skills. They also often require a slower pace of instruction and more repetition of the concepts reviewed.

The Overachiever

The Overachiever is usually a strong rote learner and gets good grades but is a weak test taker. Such students tend to be intimidated by standardized tests and experience a dichotomy between grades and test scores. Our job is to the close the gap by teaching the requisite skills to give the students the confidence they need to get scores more reflective of their skill level. We also address the typically concomitant test anxiety through stress reducing techniques

The Sound Learner

The Sound learner is the student who does well in school, studies hard but not excessively. Such a student is serious and motivated and gets solid grades. These students are aware that test prep would make a major difference in their college selection options.

The Unmotivated

The Unmotivated learner is the student who really does want to do well but feels uninterested and/or unchallenged by the whole process and the ‘hype’. Such students will quickly find out that there is a step-by-step method for them to experience success. Ultimately, they will feel proud of themselves as they learn to successfully apply the BreakThrough Test PrepTM strategies and transform their mindset into achieving higher test scores.

The Maverick

The Maverick learner is the student who often overlaps into 2 or more of the above categories. This student prefers to define and find his own path. When such a student is in the ‘right’ learning environment, where he feels his instructor respects and honors the ‘maverick’ about him, he will excel.

The Unknown

If you have not identified yourself/your student in one particular category, Harriet’s first step assessment – addressed in your complimentary BreakThrough Test Prep Strategy Session – will support identifying your child’s learning style to taylor his program to support his success. If you have any questions- set up a meeting with Harriet to discuss.

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