Breakthrough test prep

Unlike many of the test prep offerings out there, what Breakthrough Test PrepTM offers are step-by-step breakthrough strategies in critical reading, problem-solving, vocabulary development as well as the requisite mindset transformation.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results”? Unfortunately, most programs whether group or even on-on-one are primarily about rote memorization of words and taking practice test after practice test without teaching the mandatory FOUNDATION SKILLS: how to learn and remember vocabulary and how to read more efficiently and analytically.

Also not typically addressed are understanding how an author has developed his point, the steps to improve analytical thinking and problem-solving, and most importantly how to get into the confidence mindset of being the successful test-taker. Once this is all imparted then the essential strategies are taught – ie; the Post-it Note and Re-framing techniques for the critical reading, plugging in for the both the math and sentence completions, the Synonym Elimination technique on the sentence completions, learning what the (ACT) science is truly testing, and when to skip based on a student’s score goal – just to name a few.

Yes. Rote, random memorization of vocabulary helps minimally and practice testing is essential as pacing is key on these exams – but if new ways of thinking and approach are not also taught, even minimal improvement is not likely to occur for too many students.

All our services incorporate not only the breakthrough strategies but how to breakthrough subliminal barriers to successful test-taking.  Ultimately, students get the skills they need for the scores they want.

All levels of students are able to improve their scores within the following ranges:

  • SAT: increases 40 – 120 points per section
  • ACT: increases 2 – 7 points per section

Ready to find out how BreakThrough Test Prep™ can help YOUR teen raise her scores? Take advantage of the summer without the distractions of school and extracurricular activities: This is the optimum time to truly learn and hone the newly learned skills and apply the effective test-taking strategies.

  • STEP 1: Have your teen take the ACT vs SAT Assessment.
  • STEP 2: Determine what kind of learner your teen is.
  • STEP 3: Schedule your complimentary BreakThrough Test Prep Strategy Session (value $195) to confirm your teen’s better exam – SAT or ACT, to evaluate the optimum number of tutorial hours in the math/(science) and/or reading/writing, as well as the best time to take the exam(s) relative to your teen’s level and schedule. (Prior to the Strategy Session, your teen will be asked to complete a Student Profile Questionnaire.) Click here to schedule.

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