It’s now March, but what if you have a junior in high school who has not done any preparation or the prep was not as he had hoped and doesn’t know the next step:

First, find out what the better exam is for your teen and focus on getting ready for that one instead of diffusing attention. SOLUTION: Go to our website and take the 60 Second Assessment: ACT or SAT?  This quick and easy assessment – based on learning style and personality – will instantly tell students which exam is the better test. Stay on the website and have your teen identify type of learner.  Certain types of learners lean to one test over the other.

What if your teen just took the March SAT and you’re pretty sure, that taking it in May or June is the next step. What to do NOW as you don’t want to do ‘nothing’ until the scores come out on April 3. SOLUTION: (See above.) Then schedule your COMPLIMENTARY Breakthrough Test Prep Strategy session. This invaluable meeting will provide you and your teen with clarity as to when the optimum time is for him to retake or perhaps even switch to the ACT.  The information from the completed Parent and Student Profiles will provide the initial road map.  I will then be able to share with you if and when to begin any tutoring and how many hours will be required to maximize your teen’s potential. I will also give you an approximate score goal for each subtest.

Ready to take the next step? . . . Click here to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY Breakthrough Test Prep Strategy session.

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