The following article was written by a colleague, Felice Rollins, who offers college planning both virtually and in person at her office in Manassas, VA.  Read her timely and important advice for rising seniors. . .

What can you do right now?

Many rising seniors are taking time out to relax before diving into the last year of high school. However, relaxing too much now could make for a very busy and stressful fall.

In two or three hours per week, you can take some critical steps that will allow you to focus on your studies when school starts up.

Finalize your list of 5 to 7 colleges
Choosing your list of colleges now gives you more stress-free time to complete the applications.  Deciding early will also prevent you from continually adding potential colleges up until the last possible moment.  Simply set the list and get comfortable with it.

Draft your personal statement
Most colleges have already posted their applications online, so you can find out the essay requirements now.  Take advantage of the quiet of summer to begin fleshing out the story that will set you apart from other applicants.

Choose your recommenders
you may need one or more of your teachers, coaches or other mentors to write letters of recommendation for you.  These are people you already know, so you can begin reaching out to them now. Make each one aware of your desire to have them write a letter for you, send them your resume, and thank them in advance.

Begin filling out the Common Application
The Common Application becomes available on August 1st.  Doing it during the summer gives you one less thing to do during the school year.

Investigate scholarships
Most large scholarships become available during fall of senior year.  Fall is already action-packed, and looking for scholarship money often gets pushed to the bottom of the list.  Plot out the due dates now so that this important step doesn’t get lost in the chaos of classes and activities.

Felice Rollins, Founder of College Momentum Academy, is a college and career strategist and financial aid expert with nearly twenty years of experience encouraging students to reach their educational goals.  Felice is deeply committed to improving the lives of youth from all backgrounds through access to education.  Her presentations are lively, engaging, and filled with useful, relevant information.  Visit for a complimentary strategy session.

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