tappingThe anecdotal evidence is overwhelming; the empirical evidence is amazing; and the scientific evidence is well documented: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) works. Google EFT – and you will see over 29,000,000 links!

Nick Orntner, author of The Tapping Solution, has been getting a lot of press lately in his generous sharing of the technique. This is evidenced by his work in Newtown, CT – with the parents and first responders to the heart wrenching shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

But what exactly is EFT?

Simply put it’s a very simple, easy to learn and use technique to reduce the intensity of almost any traumatic event. Remember, ALL humans experience trauma in their lives – they just vary in degree. All of these traumas are stored in our conscious and subconscious minds. As we get older, we learn coping mechanisms and behaviors that are rooted in these traumatic experiences.

EFT is a method that enables us to be able to release these emotional memories from our subconscious. It has been used in alleviating depression, PTSD, anxiety, cravings, addictions and even physical pain – just to name a few. Typically, those who use EFT can recover in just a few sessions.

It has also been used quite effectively to improve sports, academic and business performance. The reason why is has been so effective is that it gets rid of the anxieties that claim a large part of one’s attention; therefore, the person is able to put their full attention to the task at hand, ie., taking an exam.

So how does it work? Stay tuned – next week, we will outline exactly how EFT works and also give you exercising to practice it on your own!

YOUR TURN: Have you tried EFT – what did you think of the technique?


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