MP900439390-300x200If you’re the parent of a junior, you probably are aware that your teen actually has three college entrance exams available for him to take – at least until January 23rd. The current SAT which will be administered on December 5 and finally on January 23, the redesigned SAT (beginning) on March 5, May 7, and June 4, and the ACT which offers administrations on December 12, February 6, April 9 and June 11.

So which exam should your teen take and when?

Here are the steps to take to simplify the choice:

  1. If your teen hasn’t done so already, have him take the 60 Second ACT vs. SAT Assessment This assessment is based on learning style and personality – two overlooked factors that dramatically affect how a student approaches the exams.
  1. Then have your teen self identify Type of LearnerTM. Knowing what type of learner your student is will validate the assessment.
  1. If your teen’s score is SAT: 7+ on the 60 Second ACT vs. SAT AssessmentTM and has self identified as a Maverick, Sound, or Accelerated LearnerTM, the odds are that the current SAT would be the better exam. If your teen’s score is ACT: 7+ on the 60 Second ACT vs. SAT AssessmentTM  and has self identified as an Overachiever, Unmotivated or Hands-on LearnerTM, the ACT or redesigned SAT will most likely fit her testing style better.
  1. How to confirm? Complete the Parent and Student Profile QuestionnairesTM. These profiles provide important information about lifestyle and academics that give me a more complete picture of the person as well as the student.
  1. How do the final recommendations happen? Make an appointment to have your complimentary Test Prep Strategy Session. Because I will have the information gleaned from all of the above, I am able to provide you with the clarity to know the better exam for your teen as well as a game plan to know how to move forward. The following questions are just some of what will be addressed in your session:
  • What if your teen doesn’t fall into the above described parameters?
  • When would be the optimum time for my teen to take the exam?
  • If deemed appropriate, can my teen still register for the December 5 SAT?
  • Why should some students seriously consider taking the December 5 as well as January 23 SAT?
  • What is the main difference between the current SAT and redesigned SAT?
  • Since there is more overlap in format and skill sets between the new SAT and ACT which would be better for your teen?

For parents of sophomores:

  1. I would recommend that your teen also take the 60 Second ACT vs. SAT AssessmentTM and self identify Type of Learner Even though the current SAT will not be relevant, the information the assessment reveals is quite helpful when tutoring your teen.
  1. Schedule your complimentary  Test Prep Strategy Session after you have received your teen’s PSAT scores which will be released next month.
  1. Make sure your teen takes challenging courses, especially those involving heavier reading.
  1. Have your teen engage in non-fiction or fiction reading for 10-15 minutes a day. Students who read (non-school assigned non-fiction or fiction) at least 15 minutes a day tend to be exceptional students and score higher on any standardized exam in all areas! Call me if you need a list of recommended books.
  1. It is not necessary to begin test preparation or take the exam(s) during your teen’s sophomore year. It’s more important to focus on grades and make sure they are strong.

I look forward to our connecting in your Test Prep Strategy Session!  (Parents of former students are welcome as well.)



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