sat vs act picThere are hundreds of test prep books available to provide strategies and practice to improve an SAT or ACT test score.  BreakThrough Test Prep has developed proven proprietary strategies and material as well. However, what truly elevates test scores beyond learning new techniques and exposure to sample tests? What is the core foundation piece enabling significant score improvement that is typically ignored or not even realized in most books or test prep programs? The answer: mindset. If a student has not incorporated the MANDATORY test-taking mindset, significant improvement is typically elusive at best.

 What does ‘mindset’ actually mean? According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, mindset is ‘a mental attitude or inclination; a fixed state of mind’. If a student has an attitude like:

  • “I never do well on standardized tests.”
  • “The test questions are set up to ‘trick me’.”
  • “Standardized tests are unnecessary or stupid.”
  • “Test anxiety is something I will always have.”
  • “Focusing for almost 3 or 4 hours to take a test is impossible.”

How can test scores improve if a student’s attitude is permeated by any or all of those beliefs? Probably little if any.

So what is the best way to address a negative test-taking mindset? The first step is to have your teen take the Do You Have the Mandatory Mindset to Get the ACT or SAT Score You WantTM?  From scoring this assessment, we will have an excellent idea of what a ‘potential’ score would be given your teen’s present mindset.

We use several methods to elevate mindset to maximize your teen’s SAT or ACT score. This ranges from teaching students how to improve their reading confidence by becoming efficient

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