Families from across the Washington Metropolitan area,

on the continuum from the Ivy-League bound former U.S. President’s daughter to the unmotivated student needing a warm, nurturing approach to test prep have been able to improve their scores using the BreakThrough Test Prep SystemTM.

Here’s what former and current clients have to say…

I am a much more confident and effective reader.

Ms. Broder has helped me learn the valuable skills necessary not only for the ACT, but also for reading and writing relative to my routine schoolwork. I thank you Ms. Broder for the opportunity to learn these skills!

Nicholas L.
Bethesda, MD

I have one regret about Harriet - I didn't connect with her sooner!

My daughter Cathy is a strong student at a very competitive private school in WDC. That said, she was doing quite well on 3 out of 4 sections on the ACT. We had worked with another highly recognized tutorial test prep service in the area, but Cathy remained ‘stuck’ improving in the reading section. I went to the counselor at Cathy’s school and she said to call Harriet Broder as she’s the expert in improving students’ reading scores: She has a program that works.

Even though I had spent a lot of money and time invested in this other program, I decided to call her and boy was it worth it! Cathy came home after the first lesson with a smile on her face. (She also loved working with the math/science tutor, but she only required some tweaking in those areas.) With Harriet’s guidance, she actually learned more efficient reading skills, not just strategies which were all that was previously addressed. Utlimately, she learned an amazing accupressure technique that helped her reduce the anxiety she had around being successful with the reading. Bottom line, she got her goal in just a few lessons: 21-25! - Mary A., Chevy Chase, MD

I totally changed my mindset and applied the unique strategies Harriet taught me.

When I began working with Harriet, I was somewhat skeptical. I had less than a month to prepare so I could only squeeze in 6 lessons, but I was determined and committed to getting my scores – which were in the 500′s – to over 600. It seemed like a reasonable goal as we were focused only on improving my critical reading. In that first lesson, I learned how to reframe my mindset – the foundation for making sure the techniques she was teaching me would be effective. Using reading drills, I improved my reading speed and my ability to find the thesis.

I was feeling good! When I learned how to apply these skills plus her technique to actual SAT passages, I felt so much more confident and it showed. My accuracy improved dramatically. I went into the exam knowing I had much more effective reading and test-taking skills. When I received my scores it validated what I knew: I went from a 560 to a 620. Imagine how much more I could have improved had I had the time to take the entire program! Thank you Harriet. (PS Ironically, I will miss our sessions together!) - Kathleen B., WDC

Harriet helped to improve my sister’s scores significantly – she is now a sophomore at Johns Hopkins – so my mom wanted me to work with Harriet as well.

Harriet worked with my sister and improved her SAT scores significantly, so of course my mom ‘gently’ suggested I do the same. It took a while before we connected to work out a schedule – to be honest, I really wasn’t too adamant about committing to test prep. When we finally met, I realized after the first meeting that I could get the scores I wanted – in the 700′s – all I had to do was listen to her. I actually looked forward to our sessions as Harriet always knew how to say the right things to keep me moving forward. Fairly soon, I saw the skills and strategies she was teaching me really worked! I was truly motivated to do the work – usually less than 30 minutes a day – to be assured that my goal would be achieved.

Working with Harriet helped me so much more than I imagined. Her sessions go beyond test prep. She knows the SAT inside and out, and she told me exactly what I can do to maximize my scores. Everything,my reading speed, comprehension, and vocabulary improved exponentially during my time with her. I recommend working with her if you are serious about improving your verbal SAT scores. If you listen to her and put in the work like I did, you will be amazed. Thank you Harriet. - Michael K., Potomac, MD

Harriet taught my daughter life skills

Harriet taught my daughter how to be a smart test taker. She guided her and gave her skills and confidence to take the exams. Not only did she make her a successful standardized test taker, she taught her life skills such as speed reading, analyzing, and figuring out problems and definitions through easy hints. My daughter did not just do well, she exceeded our expectations. Harriet’s teaching techniques are very effective in bringing up the scores. She was very helpful in providing strategies for answering questions and for making decisions on the test. It was definitely well worth the investment. We highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in significantly raising his or her scores. - Nava E., Potomac, MD

I came into the program with one goal and achieved it.

Harriet pushed me harder than any other teacher ever has, and it definitely proved worthwhile. I came into the program with one goal and achieved it. I will use my new flexible reading skills and strategies for deciphering vocabulary for many years to come. - Nitesh D., Rockville, MD

Harriet provided both strategy and confidence in working with all three of my children.

Standardized test success depends as much upon test taking strategy and techniques as it does substantive knowledge. Harriet was critical in identifying test taking skills such as timing and speed of taking the test as well as recognizing those “red herring” answers that are traps on the SAT and the like. Most importantly, Harriet built a great relationship with my kids and simply made them feel more confident going into the exams. Confidence can overcome many deficiencies and improve overall results.

My middle and youngest children simply lacked confidence in their reading abilities. In one case, Harriet and I were able to identify an actual comprehension difficulty that we were able to overcome with extra time on the tests themselves. This extra time made all the difference and improved overall scores by over 100 points on reading comprehension. Those 100 points were the difference maker in allowing my child to get into the schools she was interested in attending. - John G., Great Falls, VA