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All our services below incorporate not only the breakthrough strategies but how to breakthrough subliminal barriers to successful test-taking.  Ultimately, students get the skills they need for the scores they want.

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One-on-One Test Prep


The BreakThrough Test Prep SystemTM – 9 strategies to ensure success

  • Teach students how to improve their reading speed and comprehension, hence developing a reading range between 300 -1200 wpm. (These skills also translate into improved critical reading relevant their school work!)
  • Reveal to students a way to learn and remember vocabulary by learning the 57 most common prefixes and 167 most common roots. The end result is having a ‘sense’ of over 500,000 words!
  • Show students accupressure techniques to help reduce test-taking anxiety.
  • Provide students with a step by step approach to the critical reading beginning with learning how to read for the thesis and using the Post-it Note Technique.
  • Prove to students that the SAT math is more a logic test with numbers rather than a math test and consequently optimize their approach and mindset.
  • Share a skipping strategy for the SAT based on individualized score goals.
  • Learn the fewer than 20 most frequent grammar errors tested.
  • Brainstorm examples for the essay BEFORE the exam!
  • Learn the true essence of the ACT science by learning how to cut through the jargon and create a customized strategy based on efficient pacing.
Unlike most programs that emphasize memorizing vocabulary that MIGHT appear on the SAT, we focus on the teaching of effective reading, thinking, and problem solving skills that we KNOW will be (tested) on the exam. This is the foundation of the BreakThrough Test Prep System™.

Since the verbal portion of the test is now termed ‘Critical Reading’, it follows that an efficient reading course MUST be an integral part of the program. Students not only improve their reading comprehension, but they also learn how to vary their reading speed based upon a heightened awareness of purpose and content. BONUS: These effective reading skills become life skills.

Also covered are particular strategies for attacking the critical reading and sentence completions, a ‘quick-fix’ grammar review, as well as a proven system to learn and remember vocabulary. (NOTE: Only about 10% of the critical reading is about having to know what a ‘hard’ word means.) Methods for developing the appropriate ‘mind-set’ for effective test-taking are also taught and practiced.

Since the Math test is more a logic test with numbers and does not test higher level math, we begin with where the student is in terms of his basic math knowledge. From there we then teach the most expeditious strategy to arrive at the correct answer from a simple mathematical computation to using the answers to ’back-solve’.

So how many tutorial hours will your child need? Typically, 12-24 total hours are required depending upon the type of learner your child is. If your teen has already done PSAT prep with us, 8-12 is the usual number of hours for this review.

Schedule your complimentary BreakThrough Test Prep Strategy Session here to find out more about the program and what would be the best game plan for your teen.

The two language portions of the ACT test the student’s knowledge of the conventions of standard written English and the student’s ability to understand passages in four general subject areas. The other two sections of the test are math, which evaluates the student’s knowledge of mathematics through basic trigonometry, and science reasoning, which focuses on the student’s ability to read and interpret scientific information. The BreakThrough Test Prep System is the foundation of the skills and techniques taught. 

The essence of our test prep for the reading is again teaching our students how to improve their reading efficency - improving speed as well as comprehension with an understanding of how to read for the author’s point. These are essential skills as they considerably enhance the students’ ability to pace through the test.

The we break down the English section of the ACT, is to focusing on the predictable patterns of the grammar questions tested.

The math involves teaching students the shortcuts, key formulas and pacing strategies based upon their score goal.

The science section is about heightening the student’s awareness of how to cut through the jargon to make it more accessible. This enables the creation of a customized approach suitable to the student’s pacing.

Many students find this test easier that the SAT as it tends to be more straightforward and less nuanced, especially in the reading. Have you taken the 60 Second Assessment: SAT or ACT? to find out which is your better exam? Click here

Many schools will accept the ACT in place of the SAT and SAT Subject tests. The scoring is different from an SAT which ranges from 200-800. The ACT scores range from a 1-36. A composite score of 27 or higher is considered above average (which correlates to the low 600’s per section on an SAT).

Based on what kind of learner your teen is, the recommended number of hours is usually 12-20 total hours. Schedule your complimentary BreakThrough Test Prep Strategy Session here, to find out more specifically a strategic game plan for your teen.

Schedule your complimentary BreakThrough Test Prep Strategy Session here to find out more about the program and what would be best game plan for your teen.

Ideally, the best time to begin test preparation is PRIOR to the junior PSAT - beginning the summer before the October test. Students are able to really hone the skills taught without the ‘conflict’ of school work and extracurriculars.

The BreakThrough Test Prep skills, strategies, techniques and material reviewed and practiced are the same as the SAT. Tthe only difference between the two exams is that the SAT is almost twice as long. Also, there is no essay on the PSAT.

Most students will require 16-24 hours depending on what type of learner your teen is.

Students who prepare for the PSAT will typically require only 8-12 total hours follow-up review for an SAT or ACT. We follow-up with students and make the appropriate recommendations for which exam they should take and when.

Schedule your complimentary BreakThrough Test Prep Strategy Session here, to find out more specifically a strategic game plan for your teen.

The SSAT is used for admission to private middle and secondary schools. Basically, it is a ‘junior’ SAT, with more vocabulary being tested in the synonym section of the exam. There is also an analogy section which is actually testing more logic/grammar, than vocabulary. The ever present reading comprehension section tests three types of questions: main, detail and judgment. A 25 minute essay, (150-250 words), is the last section of the exam. The BreakThrough Test Prep SystemTM serves as the foundation for teaching the skills and strategies.

The questions on math section are formatted similarly to an SAT. It also requires the same type of problem solving skills and pacing as the SAT.

There is a Middle Level SSAT, grades 5-7, and an Upper Level SSAT, grades, 8-11.

(There is also a newly introduced Elementary Level SSAT, for grades 3-4.)

Most students will need 8-12 total hours, again depending on what type of learner they are.

Schedule your complementary BreakThrough Test Prep Strategy Session here to get your personalilzed recommendations.

All subject tests are one hour long and are recommended to students who excel in that area of study. The scoring is the same scale as the SAT, 200-800. Most schools will want scores in the upper 600’s or higher.


The 60 question Literature Test is recommended for students that have taken AP Language and/or Literature. The exam consists of 6-8 rather obscure prose and poetry excerpts taken from American and British literary works from the Renaissance to the present.

Most of the literary terminology that may be alluded to in the questions are concepts typically covered in junior English classes, i.e., theme and meaning, argument, connotation, genre, figurative language, narrative voice.

Most students will require only 4 sessions of review depending upon level. In the sessions we will work not only on the most effective approach to the practice selections, but students will also learn how to allocate time per passage and also become aware of how many questions they need to get correct and/or to skip to achieve their desired goal.

MATH Level 1 & Level 2

The 50 question SAT Math Level 1 Exam assesses mathematical knowledge gained from the two years of algebra and one year of geometry that comprise the first three years of high school math. The math areas tested range from numbers and operations to statistics and probability; however, the bulk of the exam is geometry. This test is well suited to students who excel at mathematics, but who have not yet been exposed to precalculus.

The 50 questions MATH Level 2 differs from the 1c Exam in that it is generally more difficult, covering more advanced topics, including advanced trigonometry and precalculus.

Again, 4-6 hours is what we would normally recommend as the purpose of the coaching is not to teach math, but to offer some time saving strategies and pacing techniques. Students will also learn how many questions they can miss and skip to achieve their goal.

Schedule your Complimentary BreakThrough Test Prep Strategy Session here to get the appropriate recommendations for your student.




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