August 17, 2017

5 Types of Students ‘Who Don’t Test Well’ and Practical Solutions

Why is it that so many strong students do not get ACT or SAT test scores that are commensurate with their performance at school? Over the years. I have encountered this challenge with many students. Obviously, tutoring for the exams helps – in many cases, dramatically – but let’s understand what’s really going on when this is a frustrating reality for Read more

August 10, 2017

The College Experience: What’s Personality Got To Do With It?

Try and find someone whose personality tilts entirely introverted or extroverted and Carl Jung – the Swiss psychiatrist and Go-Daddy of Personality Type Theory would claim that such a person would be insane. The truth is, we are all a bit of both. (Not insane, mind you – rather, we all do Extroverted and Introverted things. But we usually do not do them with equal comfort. Most of us have a preference for one or the other. Read more

August 03, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About the SAT Essay BONUS: Template Included

Most colleges and universities do not require the SAT essay; however, there are many top schools that do including Harvard, Dartmouth, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale as well some some less competitive schools like Florida Atlantic, Howard, and Kentucky State. Here is the most recent list. (The list is always changing,so always check the school’s website.) Read more