October 19, 2017

A Proven Way to Improve Focus and Concentration

Taking up the daily practice of meditation may be just what your teen needs to get through high school – deadlines, homework, peer pressure, and standardized testing, etc. – so what I will be sharing may be a lifesaver for your teen. It was no surprise when I stumbled across this fascinating study done with college students. For two weeks prior to taking the GRE – a more sophisticated SAT used for admissions to graduate school – 48 students elected to be participants in a study to evaluate their working memory Read more

October 05, 2017

The 13 Most Essential ACT Strategies

Be an ‘active’ test taker; don’t passively work through the exam. What does this mean? Write stuff down in your test booklet! Active test takers are more focused. The stronger the focus, the higher the score. Underline line references, but ALWAYS begin reading at the beginning of the paragraph so you have context. On the initial read through, go through the options, cross out only the ‘stupid’. Any option you pause to consider, even if it’s only for a nanosecond, is not ‘stupid’. Not only should you bubble in your answer on the scantron, but also circle it in your test booklet. Read more

September 28, 2017

The Mandatory Action Steps from High School to College for Grades 9-12

This week’s newsletter will provide you and your teen a year by year check list for those mandatory actions steps to get your teen from high school to the ‘right’ college almost stress free! If your teen is just beginning high school, be aware that freshmen year is often labeled an adjustment year and colleges are well aware of that. However, colleges don’t like to see an overwhelming amount of ‘adjustment’ – several poor grades. Read more