February 07, 2018

The ‘Secret Sauce’ to Boost ACT or SAT Success

So what is the ‘secret sauce’ for test taking success that enables students to improve test scores (and even grades in school) without a formal test prep program? Students who get in the habit of leisure reading for 10-15 minutes a day can significantly raise test their SAT or ACT scores. First, let’s get some history about the drop in test scores, better understand the positive effects of pleasure reading, and most importantly, learn about three approaches to get YOUR teen to read. Did you know that in 1972, 11.4% of students had verbal scores over 600? Read more

January 30, 2018

What You Need to Know If the ACT is Your Teen’s Better Test

A lot of students find that the ACT is a much easier, more ‘doable’ test even though – and this is the biggest downside – they have to work through the exam at a much more rapid pace than they would on the SAT. Below I address 6 reasons why this is the case: The questions on the ACT are typically more straightforward than on the SAT. Also, the distractors (wrong choices) tend to be more obviously incorrect. Initially, students won’t sense this, but with minimal practice, it becomes obvious for most students. Read more

January 24, 2018

9 Reasons Why the SAT is a Better Exam for Most Students

Knowing how to take advantage of Superscoring can dramatically change your teen’s ultimate SAT or ACT score. How, Since I have had over 700 students take our 60 Second ACT vs. SAT Assessment, I have noticed that the majority of students come out favoring the SAT. That said, I decided to drill down to find out why. FYI: The 60 Second ACT vs. SAT Assessment consists of 11 either/or questions based on skill set and learning preferences. Roughly 70% have favored the SAT. Even though about 60% of those favor it by one point, those who favor the SAT 7+ points exceed 60%. Here’s what I know about the exams based upon the skill sets tested as well as the test formats: Read more