November 30, 2017

How Your Teen Can Clinch a Merit Based Scholarship

According to MONEY Magazine, 3 Ways to Get More College Merit Aid, the percentage of students receiving merit aid has tripled in the past 20 years. In 2014-15, approximately two-thirds of full-time students paid for college with grants and scholarships. Approximately 57 percent of financial aid dollars awarded to undergraduates was in the form of grants. They tend to be more available at private schools. State schools do not typically offer merit scholarships. According to the MONEY Magazine’s List of The 46 Best Colleges for Getting Big Merit Scholarships, only about 9% received scholarships. Read more

November 09, 2017

The Answer You are Looking For

As most of my readers know, I have been conducting test prep for almost four decades. Up until 2008, very few of my students ever thought about taking the ACT, nor would it occur to me to steer them toward that exam. So why was that? The SAT was the admissions exam of choice in the Northeast and West. Then somewhere around 2008, the more selective colleges and universities began to slowly accept both the ACT and the SAT. Up until that point, students who lived in the Midwest and South took the ACT. The SAT was not even on their radar even though schools in those areas accepted both the ACT (or the SAT.) Why the new interest in the ACT? Read more

November 02, 2017

The Secret of Test Preparation Success

So what is the ‘magic formula’ to significantly improve test scores? It’s not really magic; it’s based on motivation, commitment, and time invested. Is your teen motivated to bring his scores up? I believe that the foundation piece for test-taking success is being motivated to score well. In order for a student to improve, effort can’t be halfhearted – as I often say, “’Drop in test prep doesn’t cut it.” I have found that a path to firing up that motivation is to create an intention to get that desirable, yet realistic score: Read more