Do You Want to Harriet Broder to Speak at Your School or Event?

If you are interested in Harriet Broder, founder of Breakthrough Test Prep, speaking to your group, please contact her at harriet [at] breaktkhroughtestprep [dot] com or 301.299.4380.

You and your guests will be certain to walk away with more clarity about test preparation and the exams as well as a better understanding of what would be best for your teen when moving forward in this often daunting process.

Why Choose Harriet as a Speaker

There are many test prep centers and instructors around, but very few have been involved as long and have impacted as many students. You won’t find another person in the area who can talk with as much passion, knowledge, and experience when it comes to the subject of standardized testing and it’s impact and intersection with the whole education process.

Her talks are lively and interactive. Anyone who is a parent or educator or has an interest in the education of our youth today, can’t help but be affected by a discussion hosted by Harriet. You will walk away with a different understanding and appreciation of the standardized testing process.

Harriet Broder has been a regular presenter for the workshops offered through the Montgomery County Parent Academy for the past two years. She recently was invited to conduct a seminar for the Potomac Valley Chapter of Jack and Jill of America.

Harriet’s Bio

Since 1977, Harriet Broder has been involved in all aspects of standardized test preparation and effective reading training from development of teaching materials and manuals, to curriculum development to teacher training. She has helped all levels of students from an Ivy-league bound former President’s daughter to the struggling student seeking to improve his reading skills.

Harriet and her associates tutor and counsel over 200 students a year. Her success is apparent, and for this reason, counselors readily recommend her service. Her associates have been extensively trained using her proven methodology and strategies.

Here’s what former parents and students have said about Breakthrough Test Prep

“I totally changed my mindset and applied the unique strategies Harriet taught me.”
When I began working with Harriet, I was somewhat skeptical. I had less than a month to prepare so I could only squeeze in 6 lessons, but I was determined and committed to getting my scores – which were in the 500’s – to over 600. -Kathleen B., WDC
“Harriet Broder and her team recognized my two childrens’ individual needs.”
I have two very different kids. Different learning styles/different personalities. Harriet Broder and her team recognized their individual needs not only from an academic perspective, but on a personal level as well.

Both Nash and Daryl feel that Harriet guided them in all the right places. This expertise comes with experience. On several occasions I have called Harriet for advice on how to navigate this somewhat daunting process, and she is always candid, forthright, and most of all, she really cares about each of her students. -Rhonda O., Bethesda, MD


The SAT has been around for over 80 years. It’s been through many incarnations and has been the subject of controversy. I have personally experienced at least 5 of the major changes in the 35 years I have been doing test preparation including the ‘re-centering’ of scores in 1995.

In this 45 minute interactive presentation I will share with you all you ever wanted (and didn’t want to know!) about the exam, why it was originally developed, and why it is even more necessary today for the college admission

● Why SAT was developed and why it’s even more necessary today
● Why critical reading scores are typically lower than math scores
● FACT: More students nationwide take an ACT
● Why the test has gone through so many changes (plus my ‘theory’ on the latest change in 2005)
● The story behind ‘re-centering’ of the scores
● Myths surrounding what the test is truly measuring
● What you can do help your child prepare

Parents and educators will leave this discussion with a much more honest understanding of what the SAT is truly about, how it’s used and common sense ways you can help your child do better.

“What is the Difference Between the ACT and the SAT and How Can I Know Which Test is Better for MY Teen?”

In this interactive presentation we will talk about the core as well as the subtle differences between the two exams.

● Myths surrounding the ACT and SAT
● Is there a college preference?
● Brief history of the two tests
● In what ways are they now alike since the SAT change?
● The essential differences between the ACT and SAT

I still encounter parents who have only just recently heard about the ‘ACT option’ and yet are still wedded to the notion that their teen’s only option is the SAT. I also encounter parents who have reservations about the ‘new’ SAT. I will share with you my experience with literally thousands of students to offer you a clearer understanding of how to find out which test is the better exam for your teen.

“Harriet taught my daughter life skills such as speed reading, analyzing and figuring out problems.”
Harriet taught my daughter how to be a smart test taker. She guided her and gave her skills and confidence to take the exams. Not only did she make her a successful standardized test taker, she taught her life skills such as speed reading, analyzing, and figuring out problems and definitions through easy hints.

My daughter did not just do well, she exceeded our expectations. Harriet’s teaching techniques are very effective in bringing up the scores. She was very helpful in providing strategies for answering questions and for making decisions on the test. It was definitely well worth the investment.

We highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in significantly raising his or her scores. – Nava E., Potomac, MD


“Are High Test Scores a Reliable Indicator of Career Success”

There is so much talk about how our education system is totally broken and how high school students today are not ready to make their successful mark in the adult world. Good news: There is hope. We have great, intelligent, motivated kids who will make their parents and country proud. . . . but be forewarned the way their brain is wired is changing.

So, are high test scores an indicator of career success?

● How test scores are used for admission
● Correction between grades and test scores
● How the brain is changing and how technology effects learning
● A classic analogy: Socrates vs writing is to parents vs social media
● The keys to success
● How best to support youth and education
● Most important aspect of learning and education
● Success is in our DNA

Unlike most countries that tend to have a more homogeneous population, the U.S is a melting pot, unlike any other country in the world. HINT: We cannot help but to succeed, (with some major learning detours along the way!)

“I am a much more confident and effective reader.”

Ms. Broder has helped me learn the valuable skills necessary not only for the ACT, but also for reading and writing relative to my routine schoolwork. As far as the ACT is concerned, I went from a 20 to 28 in the English and from a 19 to 25 in the Reading. I thank you Ms. Broder for the opportunity to learn these skills! – Nick L., Rockville, MD

“I came into the program with one goal and achieved it.”
Harriet pushed me harder than any other teacher ever has, and it definitely proved worthwhile. I came into the program with one goal and achieved it. I will use my new flexible reading skills and strategies for deciphering vocabulary for many years to come. – Nitesh D., Rockville, MD

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