There are officially eight Ivy League schools. The acceptance rate for the number one rated Ivy, Princeton, is only 7%. It seems as more and more students apply, the acceptance rate is becoming more challenging.

The average acceptance rate for all eight Ivies is 8.9 percent for the fall of 2015 whereas the average acceptance rate from all four year universities and colleges is just over two-thirds (fall, 2014.)  Big difference!

Some good news: Students who apply early decision seem to fare better. The average early decision acceptance rate at Ivy League schools was around 23 percent for fall 2015. Early decision is binding, which means that students must pledge to attend if they get in.

(Curious to know what happens if a student chooses to back out of an early decision pledge? Find out here.)

Princeton has a non-binding single choice early action program. This program accepted about 20 percent of those early action applicants for fall, 2015. Nationwide, the average early acceptance rate was about 20 percent and 73 percent for early action (which is non-binding).

To get into the door of any of the eight Ivies, students must have exceptionally high test scores and GPAs. Those students admitted for fall, 2015: The average SAT reading score was 721; average math score was 735. The average ACT score was 33. Ninety-four percent were in the top ten percent of their graduating class.

If your student is interested in applying to one of the Ivies, check out the chart below. It will help your teen get a better understanding of their admissions process. (Chart complied by US News.)












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