The SAT may be your teen’s better exam if . .

  • The score on the 60 Second ACT vs. SAT Assessment is 7+
  • The 90 Second SAT Skill Set Assessment vs. 90 Second ACT Skill Set Assessment supports the above score
  • Your teen tends to be a more careful, rather than rapid reader
  • Drawing conclusion and inferences is not a challenge
  • Algebra is a strength rather than geometry

The redesigned SAT is again based on a 1600 scale. There are 4 timed multiple choice sections compressed into two scores from 200-800: Reading and Math. A combined score above 1200 is considered above average. The Reading score is factored with a Writing and Language score. (This section is a carbon copy of the English section found on the ACT. ) The math has a no-calculator section and a calculator section. With the changes, the College Board has built in more time than before on all 4 section (and significantly more time per section than the ACT).

The 65 minute Reading portion – 5 passages including a paired passage/10-11 questions with each – is a bit easier than the former SAT – less nuanced. Four choices instead of five automatically increases the odds of selecting correctly. (The entire test has gone from 5 choices to 4 as well as eliminated the penalty for guessing.) The questions tend to be a bit more straightforward, but not quite as straightforward as the ACT reading. Vocabulary on the reading is limited to more common words that can have several applications. More high level vocabulary may be found in the context of a more challenging reading passage.

The 35 minute Writing and Language section – 4 passages/11 questions with each – tests grammar including punctuation, sentence structure, usage, idiomatic expressions, and agreement. The areas of written expression (rhetoric) tested are focused on writing, revision, organization, and style.

The overall math level of the SAT has been elevated – a similar level as the ACT. The College Board states that the math will focus on “math that matters most” including problem solving and data analysis, linear equations and systems, and more complex equations and systems, bottom line – a lot less geometry and much more algebra. There is a 35 minute no-calculator section; however, that ‘limitation’ is typically not a major issue for most students. The calculator section is 55 minutes long. Both math sections will also include several student response sections.

The optional 50 minute essay asks students to read a 600-700 passage and then explain how the author created the presented argument using of evidence, reasoning, and/or stylistic elements.

Why BreakThrough Test SAT Prep Is for YOUR Teen

The BreakThrough Test Prep System™ has been honed through the years, the result of which has been the creation of innovative strategies and techniques enabling our students to ultimately get the scores they deserve.

Our success is predicated on the fact that we offer targeted instruction, not a one size fits all type of approach. Some students may merely need tweaking and others, though bright, need to actually learn basic critical reading skills. We are able to offer this by initially defining what type of learner your teen is.

Some of the proprietary SAT techniques developed by BreakThrough Test Prep are:

  • The ‘key word’ technique to answering the rhetoric question on the English section
  • Knowing when it’s necessary to spend time on the science passage introduction
  • Learning how to read in word groups to improve reading speed and comprehension
  • How to identify the thesis on a reading passage to improve pacing and accuracy
  • Maximizing time and and accuracy on the math depending on score potential
  • The 20 most common agreement mistakes on the English test
  • The 3 key mindset strategies for test-taking success
  • Knowing how many questions to get correct to achieve the desired score goal

How Much SAT Tutoring Will MY Teen Require?

Most students will require 6-12 hours in the Reading/Writing and Language and the same in the math. This is determined by the results of the ACT vs. SAT Assessment, 90 Second SAT Skill Set Assessment, GPA, prior scores, and the responses on the Student Profile Questionnaire. Parents will find out the recommended optimum number of hours during the complimentary Breakthrough Test Prep Strategy Session and then be referred to the Tuition Based on Score Potential page on the website.