The SAT Quick Start Workshop, will highlight the core strategies of our more lengthy programs. It is the perfect venue to allow students to experience our proven techniques and strategies. It is also an excellent option for students who have done another program or limited self-study. The maximum number of students is 4 to allow more individualized  focus. Expected improvement: 40-80 points per section. BONUS: 2 follow-up private sessions.

Some of what the workshop will review is how to:

  • predict potential SAT score
  • use proprietary techniques to improve pace and accuracy on the reading passages
  • read in word groups to boost reading speed, focus, and comprehension
  • plug in numbers for variables
  • create the mindset for successful test-taking
  • avoid selecting the ‘distractor’ options
  • learn and remember vocabulary
  • pace effectively through the subtests


  • TUITION: $597 – includes all materials and practice as well as 2 private sessions
  • LOCATION: Breakthrough Test Prep Center: 11700 Charen Lane, Potomac MD