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How are you able to predict what my teen could potentially score and the number of tutorial hours necessary?

Our targeted one-one-one instruction has been proven the most beneficial for all levels of students. We start our evaluation with our Mandatory Skill Set and Mindset AssessmentsTM then build from there. Using that information as well as any available prior test scores, we are then able to predict a student’s potential score goal as well as the recommended tutorial hours to make that happen.

What do you credit your high rate of success to?

Unlike other programs, our success is predicated on improving reading efficiency – the foundation essential on both exams on all sections. Ultimately, the expected range of improvement on the SAT is 50-100 points per section; the expected range of improvement on the ACT is 3-6 points per section.

Do I have to pay additionally for materials?

All our proprietary materials and practice exams are included in the tuition.

Are there any bonuses in the prepayment options?

All prepayment package programs include the hourly discount as well as:

  • The hourly tuition decreases with the number of hours contracted
  • Periodic progress reports via email

Who does the tutoring?

The Premium Tutoring in the verbal – reading/writing/language – is conducted by Harriet Broder, founder of Breakthrough Test Prep. Preferred Tutoring is conducted by our math director, Charles Upton. Charles has been involved in test preparation for over 12 years and with Breakthrough Test Prep for over 3 years.

Do all students require the same number of hours in each area?

Some students will require fewer hours in one area over another based on potential score goal. (This will be discussed at the Test Prep Strategy Session.)