BreakThrough Test Prep from Harriet Broder on Vimeo.

Recently, I was asked to conduct a workshop for the Montgomery County Parent Academy where the subject was the ACT vs the SAT. The purpose of the workshop was to debunk the myth and rumors that surround these exams as well as the value of prepping for them.

Please watch the above 3 minute clip from the talk, I address the following in particular:

  • Why is the SAT so much still more popular in this area?
  • What are the essentials of a successful prep program?
  • When is the optimum time to prep?
  • Questions to ask when you are checking out different prep companies.
  • The value of identifying the type of learner your teen is.
  • Understand the major role of mindset and intention for successful test-taking.
  • Test prep vs life skills.

I hope you enjoy it. After you watch the video, you can find more information on the BreakThrough Test Prep­­ system. I also welcome you to take our ACT vs SAT Assessment, grab our Free Summer Success Kit and you can learn what type of learner your child is too.

If you have any questions, please let me know!


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