SUSAN FELDMAN has been an instructor in test preparation for over fifteen years and with BreakThrough Test Prep for over 10 years. She has been trained specifically to work with students who have learning differences running the gamut from gifted LD to those students who tend to perform modestly in school. She is especially talented in working with students whose primary need involves a so-called ‘tweaking’ of their critical reading skills. Susan has a very nurturing demeanor, yet at the same time is quite skilled at demanding the absolute best from her students.


CHARLES UPTON has been involved with standardized test preparation for over eight years prior to coming on board with BreakThrough Test Prep. When we made the decision to expand into prepping for the math and science sections of the SAT and ACT, Charles fit the bill perfectly. He had the right demeanor, creativity, intelligence and most importantly the ability to create rapport with every kind of student. He is able to craft individualized study programs for students with widely varying goals and challenges. I am so thrilled to have him as a integral addition to of our team.


We are pleased to welcome Kelly Casten as part of our team so we are better able to serve our students by not only providing premier one-one-one test preparation but also expert and compassionate guidance through the college application process.

KELLY CASTEN began her career in secondary education as a teacher, team leader, and staff trainer in Montgomery County Public Schools. With a deep commitment and passion for helping students thrive, Kelly has spent her career working with students inside and outside of the classroom. In 2002, she started College Consults, where she began putting her experience as an educator to work, helping students and their parents navigate the challenging and overwhelming college admissions process. Since then, she has assisted numerous families with identifying, applying, and getting accepted to some of the country’s best schools. Ultimately, Kelly’s goal is to help students and their families find the right college fit and assist in developing the best possible college application while helping to relieve the tremendous stress around the process. Kelly holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and Teaching Certificate in Secondary Education in Social Studies.


LOUISA JAGGAR is a director of Education in Action; a company focused on helping students with issues reach their potential. As a former Montessori teacher, she has worked with students with Learning Issues for the past 30 years. She also served as lead writer on over fifteen national science curriculum guides for the Smithsonian, PBS, Chicago’s Field Museum, the United States Navy, and others. Louisa Jaggar won the 1994 Smithsonian award for Best in School Programs for her part in creating the Smithsonian Institution’s community-based educational program Learning is a Family Experience. She has served as a teacher instructor at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. She is also the creator and coauthor of the Smithsonian’s Saving Stuff (Fireside 2005). Saving Stuff received national attention and was featured in Parade Magazine as a Parade Picks, The Washington Post, Real Simple, Country Living, on NPR’s All Things Considered, as well as many other venues.

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