• Do you want your teen to get higher test scores?
  • Do you have a student who does not test well?
  • Are you overwhelmed by all of the test prep options?

The above concerns typically come from an innate ‘fear’ of a test that is not based on set, assigned material. Once students understand what the tests are TRULY testing – all tests measure the same level of language and the same critical thinking and reading skills – their fears soon dissipate.

It’s important to realize as well that the true definition of any standardized exam can best be described as: “It’s not so much a test of what you know, but how you DEAL with what you know.” 35 years, Harriet Broder and her associates have literally helped thousands of students raise their test scores with her proprietary breakthrough strategies. ACT: 2-5 points/section; SAT: 50-110 points/section.

For tutorial instruction, the number of hours recommended is based on learning style/personality, skill level, academic profile, better test and goals. This is determined by completing the 90 Second SAT vs. ACT Assessment, SAT/ACT Skill Set Assessments, and the Student and Parent Profiles. The follow-up Breakthrough Test Prep Strategy Session is where the recommendations are discussed – better test, number or hours, optimum test date, and tuition.

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What YOUR Teen Needs Most in Test Preparation

Perhaps your teen merely needs to believe that those high 600’s he gets on practice tests are for real or he has plateaued and just can’t hit that 700 mark. Whether your bright student needs confidence or troubleshooting, BreakThrough can provide the requisite strategies and mandatory mindset to achieve his score goal.

Maybe you have a student who does exceptionally well in school, but literally does not believe in herself when it comes to any exam, especially a standardized test. Her scores do not match her potential. Your teen will welcome learning how to read more efficiently and how to pace appropriately. Most important she will learn two proven techniques to aid in curbing anxiety and boosting confidence.

Do you have a student who is very lackadaisical, doesn’t feel the need to study much but still gets decent grades? This student will love learning BreakThrough’s innovative techniques to read more efficiently and understand more. Learning how to decode ‘vocabulary’ words will quickly become a no brainer for him.

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