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In last week’s blog, we discussed the content similarities between the redesigned SAT and the ACT. The fact that these two exams are presented in such a similar format answers an obvious question: I believe that most students will score more similarly on the redesigned SAT and the ACT (than on the current SAT and ACT). Preparation is not as variable, so it may be a viable option for many students to take both the new SAT and ACT. A major factor for a particular SAT or ACT administration choice may merely be the convenience of one test date over another.

That said, as mentioned earlier, a student who scores at least a 7+SAT on the SAT or ACT 60 Second Assessment and who has self-identified as a Maverick, Accelerated or Sound learner may be more suited to take the current SAT. (This format will only be available through January, 2016.)

Bottom line, I would not recommend that MOST students prepare for and try all three exams – redesigned SAT, current SAT and ACT.

Remember ALL juniors will be taking the redesigned PSAT on October 15. Scores for that test will be coming out in early December. That said, having a score on that exam will provide additional information that may encourage us to recommend that students take the final administration of the current SAT in January. (Having a prior PSAT score from October, 2014 will also help in making such a recommendation, along with GPA and the BreakThrough Test PrepTM assessments).

Bottom line, what’s a parent to do?

  1. Start planning for preparation NOW! Though it may be April, it’s important for students to schedule their prep over the summer – fewer distractions make it SO much easier to truly learn and assimilate the strategies and skills.  Also, doing most of the prep work over the summer takes away a lot of the stress around SAT and/or ACT preparation. Most students will require anywhere from 8-24 hours prior to the PSAT – depending on level, GPA, needs and goals. (Schedule your complimentary BreakThrough Test PrepTM Test Prep Strategy here to plan the optimum course of action for your teen.)
  1. Information that will be gleaned from this invaluable session includes which is the better exam(s) for your teen, optimum time to take, number of hours necessary to insure success, available lesson dates and times, what is expected of each student, the unique nature of the one-on-one sessions. and more!
  1. No more worries about college entrance exams! Now that you have made the commitment to contact Breakthrough Test PrepTM, you are (almost) guaranteed a stress free junior year for both you and your teen.

I look forward to our connecting!

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