Test_(student_assessment).jpegFor the first time, the ACT has become more popular nationally than the SAT.  But does that mean that’s the better test for your teen? ALL colleges and universities now accept the ACT for admission. The slow surge to gaining more market share began in 2007, not long after the College Board made major changes to the SAT including it making it a longer test than the ACT. That said, in Montgomery County, MD ACT participation has gone up 21% over the past 5 years.

Here are some more interesting stats. In 2013:

  • Nationally, 1.8 million students took the ACT (13 states have testing contracts) and
  • 1.5 million students took the SAT (2 states have testing contracts)

In  Maryland:

  • At the University of Maryland: The middle 50% scored between 28 and 32 on the ACT and SAT scores ranged from 1260-1410 (math and reading, does not factor in the writing score)
  • 78% more students took the ACT
  • 15% of all students took the ACT and 85% of all students took the SAT = -8 share change


Examining the above characteristics is a good place to start in understanding the differences. And which may be a better test for your teen. Perhaps not, so you could have your teen do:

PLAN A:  You could find out by taking a REAL SAT and a REAL ACT. Then you’ll need to procure a conversion table so you can accurately correlate the scores.  OR

PLAN B: You could have your teen take a 60 Second Assessment that that will immediately reveal which test is the better exam based upon thinking style and personality, find out what type of learner (s)he is and have a complimentary Breakthrough Test Prep Strategy session.*

Because I’ve tutored so many students for these exams, I came to realize that certain personalities and ways of problem solving lend to performing better on one test over the other. Parents and students would forever ask me which is the better exam, so I started noticing particular characteristics about my students as I worked with them.  Eventually, I was able to detect patterns that I could quantify in what finally emerged as the 60 Second Test Assessment: ACT or SAT? I tested the assessment with my students, and they couldn’t believe how easy and reliable it was!

*NOTE: To have a truly complete picture of your student, I also recommend having your teen identify what type of learner (s)he is and complete the Student Profile Questionnaire. After which the next step is to schedule the complimentary Breakthrough Test Prep Strategy session. See below to get started …

Have your student the the quick SAT vs ACT Assessment and find out which exam suits your teen better based on learning style and personality.

Also key to test prep is identifying what type of learner your student is, read the short blurbs which describe the 6 types.

Then, I invite you to schedule your personalized Breakthrough Test Prep Strategy session, where ALL of your questions will be answered.

I look forward to our connecting!



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