So you have a teen who will be attending college. Your student has made sure that he has a strong academic profile as well as the necessary other important factors – strong counselor/teacher recommendations, great extracurriculars, stellar athletics – all that will ensure your student will be a standout to those admissions officers.

Finally, your teen gets not one, but several acceptance letters from the schools he is wanting to attend. Congratulations! But now comes the other challenge – choosing the ‘right’ school.

What also should be considered at this point besides the fact that your teen ‘feels’ that this college is the one? The real question is: How can you ensure that your student will graduate?

Wrap your mind around these statistics:

  • 34% don’t complete freshmen year
  • 60% of college freshmen do not graduate in four years
  • 95% of those students that attend very select schools graduate in 6 years
  • 27% of college graduates have jobs in their closely related to their major
  • 62% had jobs that did not require a college degree

Certain colleges have a higher graduation rate than others. But why? Researchers have come up with three reasons:

  1. Does the institution focus on getting their students connected and engaged especially the first year. The first year is critical to making sure students are able to find their niche and areas of extracurricular interest.
  2. Does the faculty and administration monitor student progress? Schools should have the technology to compute models of student success thereby making accommodations and changes if necessary.
  3. Does the school truly emphasize the quality of undergraduate instruction? The quality of the teaching is one of the foundations to student success.

So how can you find this out? Probably not by visiting the campus; however, if you visit you will find an amazingly informative website. This site provides the statistics comparing the graduation rate of a four year university or college to other schools with similar populations. It also reveals the track records relative to graduating diverse groups of students. Bottom line, you are able to find out what colleges do the better job of graduating students.

Next week, read how to ensure you student’s mindset is where it needs to be to succeed in college.

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