How Can a Student Ensure His or Her College Success?
Last week I shared some eye opening statistics:
  • 34% don’t complete freshmen year
  • 60% of college freshmen do not graduate in four years
  • 95% of those students that attend very select schools graduate in 6 years
  • 27% of college graduates have jobs in a field closely related to their major
  • 62% had jobs that did not require a college degree

Also discussed, were the three reasons why certain colleges have higher education rates than others. (Check out this website to see how colleges rank.)

Not discussed was the other even more important piece of the equation. What type of student is typically more successful in college and why? Why are certain types of students more vulnerable to the innumerable distractions intrinsic to the independent campus life?

Unless a student is in touch with hs interests, values and skills sets, college can be a confusing or even overwhelming undertaking doomed to struggle and minimal success.

I work hard at making sure my students are prepared and do well on the SAT or ACT. I also want to be assured that once they get into college, they have a strong chance of finishing and getting a good paying job in their major.

San Jose State University Career Center has some incredibly helpful inventories available on their website that will enable your teen to get a better sense of ‘self’, goals and purpose. These inventories evaluate the three major areas: passions, values and skill sets.


Interests are what you do for fun – hobbies, extracurriculars – how you spend your free time. I always tell my students, “Let your passion be your work and your work be your passion. When that happens the money will follow.”


Interest and Personality Mosaic


Values are defined by the core principles that motivate what you do, who you are, who you choose to be with, and how you view the world.  When you stay true to ‘who you are’ – your values – you are more inclined to stay focused and motivated in school and ultimately make wise career choices.

Motivated Work Inventory

Personal Values Inventory


When you have identified what you do well in terms of your natural talents and gifts, you are able to excel when you to put them into practice. Through education, you gain new insights about your strengths to maximize your potential even more.

Transferable Skills List 

Strengths and Action Verbs List

I hope these inventories help your teen derive a better sense of self and thereby begin to feel more directed as the path to college begins. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions. I can also direct you to a wonderful coach who can guide your teen through this process.

If we haven’t met and your teen is ready to create his path to college success, schedule your complimentary Test Prep Strategy Session now.  I look forward to our connecting.

Acknowledgment for this article: San Jose California Career Center


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