test image aweberThe current SAT is directed to the senior* population which is why the last administration of this format will be on January 23. If your teen wants to take the SAT on November 7, December 5, (December 12 ACT), or on January 23, heads up, as I have a FREE gift for you!

The easy to apply techniques and strategies in your FREE GIFT are aimed to build confidence and to improve skills relevant to the tests. NOTE: ALL high school students can benefit from these strategies! Some of what’s included include how to:

  • improve vocabulary as well as how to remember what new words mean
  • find the main idea of a reading
  • develop better logical reasoning and problem solving skills
  • read in word groups: improve speed AND comprehension

.  .  . and more!

Get your FREE Action Guide: 10 DIY Strategies.

*Some juniors may feel the need to try the current SAT on these dates. If you’re not sure, schedule a complimentary Test Prep Strategy Session.

Perhaps your teen is stuck. One-on-one coaching would be an option if your student:

  1. Has done many practice exams but remains frozen in the same score range
  2. Has taken another program but felt like it didn’t provide what your teen needed to improve
  3. Is scoring very high on practice tests but is 1-2 questions from that perfect or near perfect score
  4. Is frustrated with the whole process and feels defeated by these exams

Get your FREE Action Guide: 10 DIY Strategies.

Do you need more information about BreakThrough Test Prep and how we can help your teen score higher? Schedule your complimentary Test Prep Strategy Session now! Walk out with clarity and a confident knowing that your student will be successful.

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