BookCOVER-(2)It’s finally here! My book, 6 Secrets to Mastering SAT or ACT Test Taking: Develop the Skill Set and Mindset to Get the Score You Want and Beyond!, hits the virtual shelves of today. I hope that you and your student will take advantage of all the strategies, tips, and exercises my book has to offer and to realize your teen’s testing goals.

Today I am giving you a sneak peek at what the book has to offer with one of the six exercises the book provides. The book’s six worksheets run students through exercises that drive home the testing success “secret” discussed in the text. The exercise, to be completed by your teen, is a drill to demonstrate how easy it is to learn in word groups. Reading in words groups offers a more effective way to absorb and process information because what comes through are the ideas behind the words instead of simply just the words themselves. When we read word-by-word, our brains fragment the author’s ideas and we may not benefit from full comprehension of the ideas being communicated. Also, since the average word is only five letters long, it is not difficult to read in groups of three or four words once the student is trained to use not only core but peripheral vision.

Learning to read in word groups enables the student to become a more efficient reader and to become more adept at gleaning the main point of a reading passage on the SAT or ACT exam. This skill is essential for greater reading accuracy and more efficient time management when answering passage questions.

So, are you ready? Take a look at the exercise and give it a shot. I have a feeling you will be amazed at how easy it is to perform and how well your comprehension is upon completion!

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