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I asked, Hannah Karszes,  my wonderful VA (virtual assistant) if she would mind being my guest blogger this week  as I believe she has an important story to share.  As I have learned more about this amazingly bright, talented and responsible 20 year old, it became obvious to me that though my business involves preparing student to score higher on standardized exams, the path she chose to get into a university is an excellent option for not only, Hannah, but perhaps for so many others as well.

Here’s her story and important reasons why she took the path she chose. . .

Community colleges tend to get a bad reputation. Growing up, it was always a joke that if you don’t get into your dream school, at least you know you will have a space at your local community college. As I got older the idea of attending a two-year institution rather than choosing the traditional 4-year university route became the better option. Here are a few reasons why I chose community college and why you should consider it too:

  1. You save money: On average, most community colleges have a tuition of no more than $2,000 per semester. This is less than a meal plan at some schools. Being able to spend considerably less money during your first two years of school will leave you in not only a better financial state upon graduating but also will allow you the ability to study further.
  2. It’s All the Same: No matter what school you attend, whether it be a State School, Private School or Community college you will have to take classes like English 101 and Math 101….so why not pay less for it? Not only are they the same exact classes, but rather than sitting in a lecture hall with 300 people, you will have the chance to learn the same material in a class with no more than 40 people. This gives you the opportunity to understand the material better and gain a relationship with your professor. Chances are, at a big school, you will speak to your TA more than you will ever have one-on-one time with your actual professor.
  3. Exposure to the real world: Having the opportunity to go to Community College and live at home allowed me the ability to work. Almost all of my friends who decided to go to big 4 year universities either do not work at all or work on-campus. Being able to work different jobs in the real world have helped me to discover what life is really like once you graduate. It also helped me determine what I want to do. It is easy to choose to get a certain degree because it seems fun but do you have any idea what an actual job in that field will be like? Having the ability to work those jobs showed me that not everything is what it seems on paper and this is a key opportunity you can miss out on by not attending Community College.
  4. Time to figure out who you are: Since tuition costs less you have more room to experiment with your classes. Typically everyone switches their major but you feel less guilty about it when you aren’t paying an arm and a leg. Taking the time to figure out what you want to do with your career and your life is a big deal. It is difficult to be told at 18 that you need to choose your pathway for life because chances are you don’t even know what shirt you want to wear that day! Being able to not feel pressured is a huge plus of going to Community College.
  5. The diversity in your peers: There is something so inspiring about having adult learners as your peers in school. Typically adult learners choose to go back to school at a Community College rather than a big University because of the cost as well as the scheduling. Having the opportunity to not only be in an environment with such diversity in ages but also working with someone who could be twice your age drives you to succeed. Every single adult learner I met had an amazing story of why they were back in school and all that did was drive me even more to succeed and get my degree!


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