parent reviewWhen I read this review posted by a Richard Montgomery parent on Yelp, not only was I touched and beyond appreciative, but I noticed that it also contained a valuable game plan for every high school parent. It provided a great outline on how to confidently get through the standardized testing process.  I couldn’t have expressed it better myself.

So here is her advice to other parents:

1.  In tenth grade, take the one day PSAT prep course that Harriet offers in October.  It is not expensive and helps your student learn the rules of the test.

2.  Follow Harriet’s diagnostic advice about whether the ACT or SAT is best for your student.  She advised that my son would clearly do much better on the SAT than the ACT.  I thought he should try both.  Harriet was completely right and I could have saved money and my son could have saved time by skipping the ACT.  As she predicted, he did much better on the SAT.

3.  Harriet’s reading course that she recommends for students between their ninth and tenth grade years was very helpful.  My son learned a lot of pointers on how to identify the key meaning in a text.  It laid a solid foundation for the next summer’s work and my son reported that he thought Harriet’s reading techniques really helped him during the AP Language exam.

4.  Harriet’s advice to use the time between the sophomore and junior year to prepare for the SAT and ACT is very wise.  My son took the new SAT in March after being tutored the prior summer.  Before the March SAT, I had him take a couple tune up sessions with Harriet and Charles.  This was enough after the prior summer.  The junior year is very packed and it lowered the stress and work levels to do most of the preparation in the summer before the junior year.  My son also thinks it helped with precalculus and AP Language.

5.  Breakthrough Test Prep is not inexpensive, but it is worth it.  Harriet knows everything about the SAT and has been doing this for years.  Once you hire her, as a parent, you can take a step back and let her guide you and your student through the process.  I should have laid back a little more and appreciated this.


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