One of the most important questions I am asked is what makes some test prep programs different from others. A better question would be, “What does Breakthrough Test Prep offer that other test prep tutoring services do not?” With all of the choices available, selecting the best program for your teen can be a very daunting experience unless you know what defines a quality test prep program.

Here are the 7 major reasons why Breakthrough Test Prep is different from any other test prep. Learn what we can uniquely offer to you and your teen.

  1. The major difference – and most relevant – especially due to the revamping of the SAT*, is that NO other tutoring program teaches their students efficient reading techniques, particularly how to:
  • skim and consequently improve speed, comprehension, and focus
  • vary reading speed based on purpose and content  (300 wpm – 1200 wpm)
  • find the main idea of a passage
  • BONUS: apply these skills not only to the reading of the ACT and SAT passages, but also to typical school reading

If these essential skills are not addressed and practiced, the strategies typically have no foundation to rest upon.

*The sentence completion question (testing vocabulary) will no longer be part of the Critical Reading section beginning with the 2015 PSAT. The Reading section will be ALL reading comprehension passages!

  1. Another important difference is that we choose to work with fewer students, so we are able to provide ongoing text and email support. We also give updates and suggestions to further ensure a student achieving his or her predicted score goal. (Students will learn what is a realistic score goal relevant to their level.)
  1. Students who finish their contracted program often choose to retake the exam with the goal of raising their score even higher. We provide them with additional tests – at no extra charge – and in many cases usually email and text reminder tips and strategies. (One student received so many extra tests that he actually felt compelled to bring in a ream of paper – too sweet!)
  1. I have been involved in test preparation for over 35 years, and have literally worked with thousands of students of every possible skill level – from the Ivy League bound former President’s daughter to the student who struggles with her critical reading and problem solving skills. That said, I have developed a ‘sixth sense’ as to how to hone in on what a student TRULY needs which enables me to maximize the results.

Here’s a quick story you might appreciate:

A parent called me as she was not happy with the tutor her daughter was working with. Though I had never met Charlene, (not her real name), given what her mom shared, it was obvious to me that Charlene – though an exceptional student at Churchill HS – needed extra time. This conversation occurred in February and in April – spurred on by my urging – we found out she got the extra time she deserved. Clearly, the other tutor was not tuned into her needs. I will be (finally meeting) and starting with Charlene in July!

  1. We are the ONLY program that has developed the 60 Second ACT vs. SAT Assessment and Type of Learner identifications (which helps to validate the assessment). Having this information is essential to better address the student’s needs and level. See, Autria Godfrey, news anchor of Good Morning Washington, take the assessment. FYI: A NEW Assessment will be forthcoming comparing the redesigned SAT to the ACT!
  1. We are the ONLY program that addresses ALL aspects of the students test prep needs. During the Test Prep Strategy Session, the parent may share that their student needs to be taught techniques or given tools to address test anxiety. Also available, are information handouts and quick recipes on foods that help with focus and concentration. (Harriet is a also a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a certified health coach.)
  1. Not only do we have a proprietary system of test-taking techniques, but unlike other programs, we also address the mindset piece. Students will be taught the three essential mindset strategies to get the SAT or ACT score they want. It’s a given that better test scores cannot happen unless the student is confident in his skills and ability. A successful test-taking mindset is what provides the foundation to achieve those higher scores. (Find out more about how to create the three essential mindset strategies in Harriet’s Amazon bestseller, 6 Secrets to Mastering Successful SAT and ACT Test-taking: Develop the Skill Set and Mindset to Get the Score You Want and BEYOND!)

Would you like to find out more about Breakthrough Test Prep? Is Breakthrough the best program for YOUR teen? Schedule your complimentary Test Prep Strategy Session now. I look  forward to connecting with you!

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