SAT or ACTBONUS: Handouts to Build Skills & Improve Scores!

I assume you have been able to retrieve your teen’s PSAT score. If not, here is the link to create a College Board account. Not only will you be able to see the results from this past October’s PSAT, but also the PSAT taken October 2014. Establishing a College Board account will also enable your teen to register for AP exams, Subject tests as well as the SAT.

Now that you know the results, what’s the next step? If you are reading this newsletter, your teen is either registered to take the exam in March or thinking about it. DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: FEBRUARY 6.

Are you certain the that SAT is the better exam for your teen? The new SAT has a lot more similarities to the ACT than the previous SAT; however, there are still distinct differences.

Here’s the first step to finding out: Have your teen take the 60 Second ACT vs. SAT AssessmentTM. With these results, factored in with PSAT scores, Type of LearnerTM, and the academic profile, I will be able to tell you your teen’s better exam.

Assume that SAT is the better test . . . Here’s what your student needs to do to be ready by March 5:

1. Make sure your teen is invested in at least 15 minutes a day of leisure reading. My students are taught how to improve their reading speed and comprehension by learning how to read in word groups. Here’s a drill to practice this technique, a pdf for how to compute reading speed as well as my Recommended Reading List to get you going. FYI: In order to not feel rushed on the SAT (or ACT), students need to be reading at least 300 wpm. BTW, ‘readers’ almost always score higher on standardized exams!

2. The College Board has four real SAT’s that students can access for practice. Do one a week.

3. Also provided by the College Board is the diagnostic scoring chart so your teen can hone in on particular weaknesses. The site also gives practice questions to build on those weaker areas.

4. If your teen is hitting a wall, and not moving from the PSAT score and scoring lower, give me a call for one-one-one lessons, to build skills, remediate if necessary, as well as troubleshoot. 


Harriet Broder, founder of Breakthrough Test Prep, has been #1 in the DC metro area for over 30 years: Helping students create a successful path from high school to college to get the scores they need and want!

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