toolIf your student is a junior or approaching the second semester of her sophomore year, you’ve probably heard the rumors, “junior year is the turnaround year”. What does this mean? Typically a more demanding course load, more reading, more homework, standardized testing, college considerations, etc.! For too many juniors, this is the case; however, I would like to offer to you 4 tools that will make your teen’s life (and yours) much easier to cope with and certainly much less stressful.

  1. Get a Planner Pad. I just got one and it makes it so much easier to organize EVERY aspect of your life. There are 3 general headings that are completed horizontally. (See photo)
  • The first is where you set up categories like: Family, Projects, Sports, Errands, Appointments, Meetings, Appointments to Set. (This is where you ‘brain-dump’.)
  • The second is where you prioritize and create a daily activity plan. This is all of the information from the categories.
  • The third is where you write down your established appointments.
  1. Start looking at the site College Simply. It makes it so easy to find schools that fit all the necessary parameters created by the use of collegiate statistics and factual analysis. College searches can then be narrowed down based on ACT and SAT test scores, GPA, admission selectivity, rankings, locality, and various college application deadlines.
  2. Testing Timers. All of our students receive a Testing Timer watch which has been  approved by both the College Board (SAT) and American College Testing (ACT) for use DURING the exams. Jordan Liss, the young man who invented this watch, did so out of frustration as he noticed how much better he would do on his home practice testing when he could use a timer vs. the real exam when he could not. (Students could not take in any type of timing device while taking the exams.) That said, he developed this now approved watch which has settings that correlate to the sections on the exams. The pacing is done for the student. This can make a HUGE difference in insuring that students will finish their SAT or ACT.
  3. If your teen hasn’t already, have her take the 60 Second Better Test Assessment: SAT or ACT? This 11 question, either/or assessment was designed based on  learning style and personality – the major factors in how a student approaches standardized tests. The student will immediately know which exam is most suited to her test-taking approach. This makes it so much easier – saving time and money – to begin the test prep and test-taking process.
  1. BONUS TOOL: Connect with me to have your complimentary BreakThrough Test Prep Strategy Session. This invaluable 30 minute meeting will serve as the most important tool to minimize the stress of your teen’s junior year. Not only will you know which exam your teen should initially take, but the optimum time to take it based on your student’s needs and academic profile.

Also addressed will be the need – or not – for one-on-one tutoring in not only how to take the exam but how to reduce the common angst associated with taking such tests as well as understanding how to comport during the college interview, the need for a Talent Assessment and other college readiness training options.

I so look forward to our meeting with you and your teen!

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